Malika Fine Art Studio - Oil,Acrylics, Mix Media, Metal Arts & Crafts
This is an on-going project that aspires to spread to the world the magnificence, elegance and unique characteristics of the most wonderful and smooth saddle in the world...the Peruvian Paso Horse!Distinguished by a natural four beat, lateral gait, termino and incredible brio.

As a symbol of our Culture and Traditions it has been declared a "Cultural Heritage of the Nation" under the name of "Peru Silent Ambassador"

This unique horse deserves a unique rider. The Chalan(rider) is the key to getting the best of this horse's performance.Horse and rider are a duo sharing a mutual understanding.

Lets ride together through the adventure of seeing the "inner colors" and splendorous Crines (manes) of the Peruvian Paso Horses and incredible skills of the Chalanes.

This journey has just begun and D'Crines & Chalaneswill have much more to offer in the future!
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