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Since I have memory, I remember having a note pad at school, college or at pretty serious meetings at work. Yes, I took notes of the main ideas, but my hand has a mind of his own and near my notes there were always some random simple and elaborated patterns that sometimes represent objects, some others they were just what I call a “primitive sort of art”.   The repetition of innocent patterns taking sometimes complicated shapes can be seen in ceramics, textiles and utilitarian pieces from Ancient Worldwide Cultures made centuries ago. Sure the one I can tell the most about is the pre-Incas and Incas art of my beloved Peru!

 Through the years I find out that scientist researchers made different tests and investigations that proof that what is call DOODLING and/or TANGLING are THERAPEUTIC artistic activities that reduce stress, keep you calm and improve cognitive performance.  

Many times I heard people complaining about their lack of artistic talent. And here is when the wonder of doodling comes! Once you get familiar drawing with ink a few traces, your hand will start “thinking” by itself and making patterns that you didn’t have in mind when you start drawing. Adding a few real elements and doodling or painting them will result in an art work that you could hang in your walls!   You will see that there’s no right or wrong and you can improve your skills faster and easier than you thought. With no pressure at all the peace of spirit; mind and soul will come out leaving apart the stress, the lack of concentration or any other negative attitude.

My dream is to share with you how to turn your doodling in a piece of visual art .Come to one of our workshops! Join me into this journey and together we will find out the inner artist in you.


To the joy of having a piece of Peruvian Art hanging on your wall, add a fragment of Peruvian History. Each of my Peruvian Series paintings has a brief cultural or historic note in the Certificate of Authenticity document. Go to “Peruvian Art” or “Peruvian Icons” and choose from there.

You can get an 8” x 10” high quality print (artist approved and certified), mounted on an 11” x 14” mat for $50.00 (incl. tax) + shipping.  No extra charge for the culture and history! 


PERU is a land of joy, rhythm, vibrant colours and unique flavours. A country that is the reflection of the influences from more than 1500 years of Pre-Inca and Inca Empire legacy and immigrant cultures, as well as the richness of their natural geographical zones: the coast, the Andean highlands and the jungle.
Growing up, I fell in love with this unique fusion of the culture, traditions and flavours of four different continents co-existing harmoniously and combining the “Pre-Inca” and “Inca staples” with European, African and Asian influences. How I cannot? Peru offers an empire of hidden treasures and is home to ancient cultures and a rich colonial tradition!The diversity, color, creativity and multiple functions of Peru's folk art has made it a fundamental activity of Peru's cultural identity.
Peru boasts one of the largest varieties of Arts and Crafts on Earth and is steeped in centuries of history, imbued with pre-Hispanic shapes and symbols which have merged with others brought over by the Spaniards. Peru has forged a multiple and complex identity which is paradoxically one of the reasons why Peruvian arts and crafts are tending to shift towards naïf art, lending their works a touch of innocence.

Currently I focus all my efforts in what I call “My Peruvian Series”. In these paintings are represented some Icons from the Pre-Inca and Inca times and country scenes of daily live, rescued from vivid memories that a cosmopolitan and modern Peru could not ever make me forget. I came from a land of traditions, a land of cultural baggage…a land of wonders! 
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